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Jeet Artificial Limbs Centre provides a wide range of custom-fabricated orthotic appliances to cater for almost all neuro-muscular deformities of the upper and lower limbs. Patients suffering from polio; Drop Foot; nerve palsy; knee hyperextension; cerebral palsy; lower back pain; osteoarthritis, or paraplegia will find relief and comfort from their symptoms through the use of these orthotics.


 Custom-Molded  Hip-Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthosis weights approximately 1.5Kg  

 (Pelvic Belt+A.F.O.). Joints are made of Stainless Steel  (no protrusion type)  and    

 bars are made of Aluminium alloy (Knee cap is optional).   


 Common Additions:

 1.Locking hip

 2.Locking knee

 3.Drop lock knee joints

 4.Padded liners

 5.Full kneecap






 Custom-Molded Ankle Foot Orthosis is used to provide adjustable control of the ankle and foot. An articulated ankle and plantar flexion stops can be incorporated.

 Common Additions:

 1.Ankle joints

 2.Dorsiflextion assist & Plantarflextion resist

 3.Varus/Valgus corrective straps

 4.Full foot plate

 5.Posterior stops

 6.Walking base





Custom-Molded Ankle Foot Orthosis is used to provides adjustable control of the  

 ankle and foot and Designed with an articulated ankle and dorsiflexion stop.


 Common Additions:

 1.Ankle joints

 2.Plantarflextion assist & Dorsiflextion  resist

 3.Full foot plate

 4.Anterior stops

 5.Walking base




 Custom-Molded Ankle Foot orthosis with gaiter is made with aluminium support bars. It is available with, or without, a knee joint.


 Common Additions:

 1.modular design (patient should wear both or one of them) 

 2.Walking base

 3.Full kneecap



 Custom-Molded Knee Brace with poly-centric joint is an interim orthosis that provided both medial and lateral support to the knee in post operative applications  following ligament to tendon tears, ruptures or repairs.


 Common Additions:

 1.Padded liners

 2.Poly Centric joint

 3.Minimum contact with body





 Custom-Molded Aeroplane Splint is used to provides immobilization of the shoulder

 by fixing the arm in an  abducted position after various shoulder postoperative 

 applications and shoulder capsule tears.


 Common Additions:

 1. Washable Padded liners





 Custom-Molded Humeral Fracture Brace is used to provides support after post  

 fracture to maintain optimal  alignment.


 Common Additions:

 1. Washable Padded liners

 2. Over-the-shoulder style for proximal fracture





 Custom-Molded  Cock-Up Splint is used to provides to maintain and immobilize the  

 wrist and indicated in radial nerve palsy.


 Common Additions:

 1. Washable Padded liners





  Custom-Molded Night Splint provides foot positioning and drop foot support for non  

 ambulative control and Drop Foot/Contractive prevention.


 Common Additions:

 1. Washable Padded liners

 2. Adjustable Strap for neutral to 20 dorsiflexion adjustment





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