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  Prosthetic aids

Jeet Artificial limbs Centre manufactures and personally fits prosthetic aids to patients who have suffered an amputation due to illness or trauma.We take the utmost care to ensure that wearing a prosthetic aid is comfortable for amputees by seeking their feedback to adjust the specially shaped dressing that is applied to limbs to create a socket into which a temporary prosthetic aid is fitted.


  Types of  Lower Limb Prosthesis available:

• Through Hip

• Through Knee
• Below Knee
• Through Ankle (Symes)
• Partial Foot (Chopart)







Jeet Transfemoral Prosthesis


The Jeet Transfemoral Prosthesis is made from aluminium alloy. The Non-Cosmetic, Single Axis Jeet foot is made from rubber, with an internal steel spring.Two bolts are used to attach the foot to the prosthetic leg, with the result that the foot does not rotate.

The Jeet foot is costs about half the price of similar devices from leading manufacturers. Combined with the Jeet Transfemoral Prosthesis, it makes a hardwearing limb which we expect to remain serviceable for 15 years. Many of our patients have had over 20 years’ trouble-free use from their Jeet prosthetic limb.

 Common Additions:

 1. Distal-end pads.

 2. Non-cosmetic single-axis  Jeet foot (Foot is optional).

 3. Manual-lock knee.


Jeet Transtibial Prosthesis with Thigh Corset

The thigh sleeve of leather is connected to the prosthetic shin by means of bilateral hinges bars


Common Additions

 1. Perfect for short stump

 2. Maximum stability

 3.Soft liner 

 Jeet Supra-Condylar, PTB, Exoskeletal

 Transtibial Prosthesis

The Transtibial Prosthesis is a sturdy but lightweight replacement for the lower limb. The wearer’s comfort is enhanced by the use of co-polymer polypropylene to mould the socket to the limb. The socket is lined with a soft insert of Pelite material to combat abrasion of the limb and to maintain the hygiene within the socket.

Sculptured from strong, light aluminium, the lower limb is not only cosmetically appealing, but robust. The patient has the choice of a non-cosmetic, single axis foot, or a moulded cosmetic foot with distinct toes and natural features.

 Common Additions

 1. Cosmetic Pylone

 2. Lightweight

 3. suspension sleeve



  Types of  Upper Limb Prosthesis available:


• Through Shoulder
• Above Elbow
• Through Elbow
• Below Elbow
• Through Wrist
• Partial Hand





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