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Silicone Suction System TransTibial Limb

With integrated Shuttle Lock


Silicone Suction System TransTibial Limb

With integrated Shuttle Lock(3S) Fitted 

 at Jeet Artificial Limbs Centre



    Configuration of limb:

    1. Laminated Socket With Integrated shuttle lock

    2. 6mm  silicon liner with pin (ssur)

    3. ssur assembly

    4. ssur foot (K2 Sensation)

   Patient Response:

   This is my 2nd leg and 1st leg at   Jeet Artificial Limb Centre.

    I am fully satisfied with the fitting of leg. Multi axis foot and

    socket fitting is very comfortable. I Should recommend the other  

    amputees there is no need to go in big  cities  of india for fitting

    imported prostheses because same products are available at    

   Jeet  Artificial Limb Centre, which fully satisfied  the amputees

   and save  the precise time of amputees and their families to   

   prevent the unnecessary travel.  


                                                                            x patient

                                                                            Amritsar, Punjab.






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